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Episode 12 of True Beauty marks the turning point of the drama as Joo Kyung"s past is revealed to lớn her entire school by Soo Jin.

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Soojin forces herself on Suho while the school finds out about Joo Kyung’s past in episode 12 of True Beauty
Episode 12 of True Beauty is the climax that everyone has been dreading. Soo Jin has finally made up her mind about making Joo Kyung uncomfortable & revealing her bare face to lớn everyone in the school while also trying lớn force Suho to lượt thích her by showing how “worthless” Joo Kyung is.

Throughout the episode, Soo Jin is conspiring with Joo Kyung’s bullies from her former school in order lớn get evidence to expose Joo Kyung’s real face. She exchanges pictures of Seojun khổng lồ receive the đoạn clip of Joo Kyung getting bullied (as we saw in the first episode) as well as other photos of her bare face. The next day, the pictures are everywhere with all the students now looking at Joo Kyung with contempt, or at least that’s what it feels like to her.

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The bullies also tell Seojun all about her past và even show him a picture of her from when she used to go lớn her old school. However, Seojun is not the least bit bothered và tells them that no matter how Joo Kyung looks, she’s still much better than them, breaking her phone in the process. Suho tries lớn convince Joo Kyung that it’s alright but she cannot hold herself together anymore. The threat of the past repeating itself looms way too large. Soo Jin has turned her back và Soo Ah seemed quite upset at the revelation as well which would mean that Joo Kyung has effectively lost her friends. However, Soo Ah might be upset at her for hiding the painful past from her despite being best friends and not because of how she looked. One thing is for certain, Suho & Seojun are ready at all times khổng lồ lend her their full support.

At the same time, Suho might be finally opening up about dealing with his feelings towards his father và Seojun và he are growing closer once again, signalling a return to lớn the old days.

Will Joo Kyung be able khổng lồ handle the consequences of this revelation? Will all her friends and classmates turn on her or will they embrace her as she is, proving lớn her that she’s worthy of love regardless of how she looks with or without makeup? Stay tuned to lớn find out!

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