Song Ji Hyo also shared the meaning of Running Man in her life.

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In an interview khổng lồ promote “The Witch’s Diner,” actress tuy nhiên Ji Hyo shared more about her time with “Running Man” and what the show meant lớn her.

“Running Man” is really a part of my life, not just an entertainment program. Joined the show when I was 30 years old, và now I am 41 years old. I’ve spent my entire thirties on the show. I lived as a member of ‘Running Man’ for a quarter of my life.”

“I wish to lớn continue working on ‘Running Man’ with everyone as we are currently. That’s exactly what I want. I’d feel lượt thích a piece of my body toàn thân was missing if I couldn’t participate in ‘Running Man."”

When talking about her loveline with Kim Jong Kook, tuy vậy Ji Hyo candidly opened up about their relationship.

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“I was drawn in as well since the members teased him a lot. Lớn be honest, I was a little uncomfortable about the “love-line” concept at first, & I was unsure if it was suitable. I was nervous every time I was teased since I didn’t know how khổng lồ reply.”

“Now that I’m acclimated to lớn it, we’re more at ease discussing issues lượt thích this. I believe the members’ chemistry is excellent, & our recording sessions were enjoyable. I believe we will become closer, but the “loveline” isn’t real.”

Meanwhile, tuy vậy Ji Hyo has recently made an eye-catching transformation for her new TVING drama “The Witch’s Diner”! Based on a novel by Goo sang trọng Hee, “The Witch’s Diner” is a dark fantasy drama about a witch restaurant that sells food that grants wishes in exchange for the customers’ souls. Tuy nhiên Ji Hyo stars as Jo Hee Ra, the restaurant’s owner, và witch, and Nam Ji Hyun stars as her business partner Jin. Chae Jong Hyeop plays Gil Yong, who is the restaurant’s part-time employee.

In contrast to lớn her usual lovable and gentle appearance, song Ji Hyo skillfully takes on her new role of a witch by creating a mysterious atmosphere with her charismatic gaze và low-pitched voice. Rather than telling a story of simply defining good & evil, the drama takes on a more modern take by exploring the story of a witch living amidst the city.

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