Unseen bts of kim so hyun and nam joo hyuk in school 2015


Where are the cast of Who Are You: School 2015? Here is a rundown of the Who Are You: School 2015...

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The year năm ngoái was dubbed the golden year of Korean entertainment. It was the year where Kpop groups MONSTA X, iKON, Twice, Seventeen, & DAY6 debuted as well as the legendary performances of 2ne1 and BIGBANG on Mnet Asian Music Awards. Several globally renowned Kdramas such as Oh My Ghost!, The Producers, She Was Pretty, và Kill Me, Heal Me were also released during that year.

And one of these many 2015 blockbuster hits was the KBS2 Kdrama Who Are You: School 2015. Now that about 6 years have passed, everyone sure is wondering where the members of the cast are at the moment, or if they have ongoing activities or Kdrama projects that we should not miss.

Here is a rundown of the Who Are You: School 2015 cast update for the past six years.


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Kim So Hyun breathes life into the character of Lee Eun Bi và Go Eun Byul, the twins who were separated at a young age & lived a different social life from each other. She started her career as a child actress in 2006 và has been taking on the roles of young characters of the main protagonists until she took on her first leading role in Who Are You: School 2015.

Playing the role of two different characters garnered the young actress lots of praise & she eventually became the talk of the town. Right after her groundbreaking role in Who Are You: School 2015, So Hyun starred in the năm nhâm thìn horror-comedy series Let"s Fight, Ghost alongside 2PM Taecyeon.

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Her career continued khổng lồ rise up with another main role opposite Yoo Seung Ho và Kim Myung Soo in the 2017 MBC Kdrama The Emperor: Ruler of the Mask. Then, the actress followed with cameos in several hit dramas such as Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)While You Were Sleeping.

Several more main roles were given to lớn So Hyun such as leading Radio Romance with Highlight Doojoon, Yoon Park, & Yura, và opposite tuy vậy Kang and Jung Ga Ram in Love Alarm.

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Recently, So Hyun dominated the top trends with River Where The Moon Rises where she acts alongside mãng cầu In Woo.

Aside from acting in films và Kdramas, So Hyun has also lent her voice as the Korean dub for Miyamizu Mitsuha in the Japanese film Your Name.

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BTOB Sungjae

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Yook Sungjae debuted as a thành viên of the Cube Entertainment boy group BTOB in 2012. His handsome visuals và mischievous personality owned him the nickname "Yook Jalddo" which means a handsome crazy man.

Sungjae started appearing in television dramas with cameo roles such as in Monstar and The Heirs. He continued to lớn create a name for himself as an actor with a supporting role in the 2013 tvN Kdrama Reply 1994 & Plus Nine Boys.

The actor-singer then successfully gained lots of attention with his role as Gong Tae Kwang in Who Are You: School 2015. His comical portrayal of the mischievous troublemaker student was rather similar to his real personality which had viewers feel a sense of familiarity. Sungjae"s role in Who Are You: School 2015 gained him several nominations as Best New Actor.

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Continuing his career as an actor, Sungjae starred in the 2016 tvN Kdrama Goblin. His character was Deok Hwa, Gong Yoo"s nephew, who was possessed by the heavenly spirit khổng lồ guide him. Sungjae won Best New Actor và Star of the Year with his applaudable role in Goblin.

Sungjae has also appeared as a regular on the SBS variety show Master in the House with Lee Seung Gi. He also starred in his last Kdrama after a 3-year acting hiatus with the JTBC series Mystic Pop-up Bar before his enlistment. Sungjae has also released his solo debut album Yook O"Clock on March 2, 2020 which consists of a total of six songs.

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