Review: laneige white plus renew skin refiner


Hi! I’m Rui. 21. I’m from Manila, PhilippinesFirst of, I have a sensitive skin & on some cases other skincare brands I’ve tried gave me irritation/s such as Redness of the cheeks (Mild irritation), Bumps, break out & acne (Severe). What I love about Laneige is I haven’t experience any irritation, even if it’s not for sensitive skin or if it doesn’t say “Hypoallergenic”.

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White Plus Renew LineSpotless clear và bright skin has long been yearned for by every woman on earth since ancient times. Due to UV rays, stress, yellow sand, and exhaust gas found in our daily life, skin tone tends khổng lồ easily get discolored, with more dry flakes and blotches like brown patches, freckles, & acnes.

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LANEIGE white Plus Renew Skin Refiner (1, 450php)Whitening skin refiner that readies the skin by caring for dead cells, improving skin discoloration.– Amino-acid peeling ingredients remove the remaining makeup residues, impurities & dead cells, delivering the instantaneous effect of improving skin discoloration. It also serves as a booster to lớn enhance the effect of the whitening effective ingredient for the next stage.– With containing the Swiss trắng lupine ingredient that works khổng lồ reduce the loss of moisture on the skin epidermis, it helps keep your skin hydrated & appear more transparent.


My Verdict: The skin refiner has a serum like consistency, not lượt thích our local toner which is a little bit drying this one is very hydrating. A bit sticky at first but once absorbed it’s very light. It has a refreshing feeling when applied and soothing because it calms my cheek redness. Makes your pores smaller và makes your skin more refined.*I use it during day before I put my sunblock & at night followed by WPR Emulsion and Original Essence*I prefered applying it lớn my face using my hands and pat it after application for more absorbtion.

Pros:– No break out