London college of fashion


London is a capital of creativity and commerce, making it the perfect location for some of the world’s best-regarded fashion colleges.

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Fashion school is not only about nurturing your creative talents – the most successful colleges also ensure their students are educated in running a business, marketing, styling và practical skills.

With some impressive sầu alumni và faculty staff, any of the following colleges will give sầu your fashion career the kiông xã start it needs and help you on your way towards working in the fashion industry.

London College of Fashion

The London College of Fashion is the only college in the UK that specialises in fashion education. As well as a wide selection of thiết kế courses, there are programmes focusing on beauty, fashion business and kinh doanh, costume design, fashion journalism and photography. If sustainability is important lớn you, London College of Fashion also hosts the Centre for Sustainable Fashion – one of the retìm kiếm centres of the University of the Arts group – established và led by Dilys Williams. For a taste of the work the Centre undertakes, kiểm tra out the short online course they created in partnership with Kering, hosted on Future Learn.

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Royal College of Art

London’s RCA offers a small fashion thiết kế & textiles post-graduate programme. Zandra Rhodes and Erdem were former students here. The RCA has an international reputation and high student success rate, with 93% of graduating students going on to work in fields directly related lớn their area of study.

University of East London

UEL offers a fashion programme that includes textile thiết kế, digital fashion và an MA in Fashion Management. Students also have the option of working in the fashion industry for a year. There is a svào emphasis on vocational courses at UEL, which aims khổng lồ give its students the skills they need to lớn survive sầu in the working world as well as achieve sầu academic success. The University of East London prides itself on removing barriers to lớn education & has a high student acceptance rate.

London College of Contemporary Arts

The London College of Contemporary Arts offers an undergraduate programme in Fashion Design with Buckinghamshire New University as the awarding body toàn thân. If you can’t commit to lớn a BA, there are Higher National Certificates & Diplomas available in Fashion và Textiles.