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MasterChef US season 2 features MasterChef judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot và Joe Bastianich testing the culinary skills of amateur chefs from the USA with a number of challenges & dishes khổng lồ prepare, with those failing to lớn impress the judges being sent home.

MasterChef US Season 2 aired June 06 to lớn August 16, 2011 on Fox Network, there were 18 contestants & the prize for the winner was $250,000, their own cookbook và a MasterChef trophy.

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Adrien Nieto was a hệ thống from Ventura, California. He was runner up in MasterChef season 2 after beating Jennifer in the earlier challenges in the finale. After MasterChef, Adrien did a number of cookery events, demonstrations and appearances at local restaurants and pop up kitchens. He was a Chef at Frank Underground, owned by Jennie Kelley and Ben Starr.

Alejandra Schrader
was an Architect/Urban Planner from HPlaya del Rey, California She eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 13 after her eggs benedict landed her in the bottom three. After MasterChef, Alejandra became a private chef offering cookery classes & catering for small functions/parties. She has appeared on a number of cookery segments on a number of tv channels. Alejandra published The Low-Carbon Cookbook and is a founding member of Chefs" Manifesto.

Alvin Schultz
was a Retail Manager from Houston, Texas. He was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 7 after his deep fried coffee & donuts dish failed khổng lồ impress.After MasterChef, Alvin offers cookery services with his company Eat.Drink.EXPERIENCE! & is also a restaurant consultant.

Angel Moore-Soukkay
was a Property Manager from Columbus, Ohio. She was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 5 after her fruit tart & custard dish wasn"t able lớn be served. After MasterChef, Angel did a number of live cookery events và YouTube videos và is currently a Keto chef.

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Tony Scruggs
was a Trucker from Grant Park, Illinois. He was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 6 after his ravioli failed lớn impress. After MasterChef, Tony briefly ran a catering company specialising in barbecue foods.He opened his own restaurant Old Crow Smokehouse in 2013 and đánh giá are very good & Tony responds positively khổng lồ the very few negative reviews.

Ben Starr
was a Travel Writer from Dallas, Texas. He was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 17 after he overcooked his venison dish but was praised by Gordon. After MasterChef, an article was published claiming that Ben had called the show was fake, when his intention was lớn remind people not to lớn judge contestants based on edited footage. He is an avid food blogger và owns restaurant Frank Underground alongside fellow season 2 contestant Jennie Kelley. Franks closed in July 2019.

Christian Collins
was a Stay at trang chủ Dad from Gloucester, Massachusetts. He was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 19 after his veal dish failed khổng lồ impress the judges. After MasterChef, Christian did a number of cookery events including hosting the Culinary Fight Club in Boston và launched a catering business.

Christine Corley
was a Single Mum from Sopchoppy, Florida. She was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 15 after her tomato soup and grilled goats cheese sandwich failed to impress the judges. After MasterChef, Christine was a line chef before launching her own private chef services business. She returned khổng lồ College khổng lồ study for a Criminal Justice/Corrections degree. In June 2019, she was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and she has continued to lớn suffer from health issues, please consider donating lớn her GoFund me page lớn help with medical expenses.

Derrick Prince
was a web Designer và blogger from West Babylon, New York. He was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 15 after his tomato soup and cheese toastie dish was deemed too simple by Gordon. After MasterChef, Derrick continued lớn write recipes on his blog and was ‎Chef de Cuisine at The Stanton Social before becoming Chef de Cuisine at VANDAL in New York. He is currently Chef de Cuisine at Beauty & Essex in New York.

Erryn Cobb
worked in PR and was from Chicago, Illinois. He was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 11 after he over burnt the steak during a challenge involving truffles. After MasterChef, Erryn returned lớn being CEO & Co-owner of Fetch Public Relations LLC.

Esther Kang
was a Lawyer from Los Angeles, California. She was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 10 after she failing lớn impress with baking tasks during a cocktail buổi tiệc nhỏ challenge. After MasterChef, Esther returned to her legal career and became SVP of Business & Legal Affairs at Lionsgate. She is currently Head of Business và Legal at Avalon Entertainment.

Giuseppe Morisco
was a Salesman from Chicago, Illinois. He was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 12 after he under cooked his eggs in an Eggs Benedict challenge but received high praise from Gordon. After MasterChef, Giuseppe launched his own private chef company and for a cooking holiday company Food Lover Retreats. He opened his own restaurant Morisco Ristorante Italiano in Davao city with excellent reviews but closed within a year. Giuseppe is currently living in Costa Rica where he is a private cchef.

Jennie Kelley
was a musician from Dallas, Texas. She was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 9 after failing to impress after an elimination challenge which saw them cooking a dish from Whitney"s cookbook. After MasterChef, Jennie opened Frank Underground, a private dining experience with fellow contestant Ben Starr which closed in July 2019 và is a food blogger at The Perfect Bite. Jennie & her partner Brandon Moore offer pop up dining experiences through Better Half Popup.

Jennifer Behm
was a Realtor from Wilmington, Delaware. She was the MasterChef Season 2 winner after her three course dinner consisting of scallops, quail & a poached pear impressed the judges. After MasterChef, Jennifer did a number of cookery events/demonstrations, started her own catering company Pink Martini Catering.In 2015, she opened restaurant Red Fin Crudo with her husband Julio. The restaurant closed in July 2020 with the owners saying they will be offering private chef services. Jennifer appeared in MasterChef season 10 alongside other past winners.

Mark Raffaelli
was a Realtor from Chicago, Illinois. He was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 5 after there was raw flour in his mashed potato. After MasterChef, Mark returned khổng lồ his previous career in realty and is currently a real estate agent at Compass.

Max Kramer
was a College Student from new york City. He was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 8 after a pressure demo of cooking steak three different ways - rare, medium và well done. After MasterChef, Max returned khổng lồ college và was photographed in 2017 alongside Donald Trump at his golf club. He is now an entrepeneur specialising in công nghệ for law enforcement officers.

Suzy Singh
was a Neural Engineer from Chicago, Illinois. She was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 18 after her lemon meringue pie failed to lớn impress the judges. After MasterChef, Suzy started her own private chef và food consultancy business and in 2013 she became Research & Development Corporate Chef at NOW Foods.

Tracy Kontos
was a Sales Consultant from Coral Springs, Florida. She was eliminated in MasterChef season 2 episode 16 after she failed khổng lồ prepare và cook a whole salmon but was praised by Gordon & promised some culinary training. After MasterChef, Tracy interned at a number of prestigious restaurants before starting her own catering company và WILFS, a community for women in the food industry. She is currently a Private Chef in the LA area offering cookery classes, dining experiences & more.

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