Lưu trữ những cô gái biến hình

Runaway teen lovers June & Harry find themselves swept up in a dangerous và confusing new world when June begins khổng lồ display mysterious abilities.

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Guy Pearce ("https://vanhoanghean.com/nhung-co-gai-bien-hinh/imager_1_5145_700.jpgMemento"https://vanhoanghean.com/nhung-co-gai-bien-hinh/imager_1_5145_700.jpg) joins young stars Sorphụ thân Groundsell and Percelle Ascott in this gripping supernatural love story.
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Runaway teen lovers June and Harry find themselves swept up in a dangerous và confusing new world when June begins to display mysterious abilities.

Eager khổng lồ escape her controlling dad, June prepares to lớn skip town with boyfriend Harry. But a harrowing encounter upends their plans.

As a shellshocked June & Harry try khổng lồ understand what's happening, their parents realize they've gone missing. Dr. Halvorson runs tests on Elemãng cầu.

While John và Ryan race to lớn London, a sympathetic stranger offers Harry và June a place khổng lồ crash -- and a way to lớn make easy money on the club circuit.

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June's next shift yields new discoveries about the extent of her powers. Alf begins lớn question Steinar's intentions. Runa's jealousy boils over.

A viral video leads June khổng lồ a fellow shifter who offers lớn be her mentor, stoking tensions with Harry. Christine makes a startling discovery.

The footage from the Pennines Five case pushes Harry over the edge. Halvorson arrives in London with an unwelcome surprise for Steinar.

June travels to lớn Sanctum, determined khổng lồ find out why her mother left home. Harry & John mix their differences aside for a rescue mission.

As June copes with the news of Harry's absence, John snoops around Halvorson's office, & a surprise visitor sets a fateful showdown in motion.

Sorphụ thân GroundsellPercelle AscottGuy PearceSam HazeldineNadine MarshallJóhannes Haukur JóhannessonLaura BirnIngunn Beate ØyenArthur HughesTrond Fausa AurvågLise Risom OlsenPhilip Wright