Nitroplus blasterz: heroines infinite duel


No nostalgia necessary

I recently attended a tribute night at a local brewery, where musicians were invited khổng lồ serenade patrons with songs from the ’70s. Early on that evening, I glanced around the darkened beer hall to lớn discover I was a few decades younger than most of my peers, many of whom were excitedly singing along & dancing lớn a tune I’d never heard before. That happened several times over the course of the show, as I frequently found myself at odds with the crowd, at a loss for what most of these anthems were, outside of a few recognizable ballads lượt thích “Hotel California.” Not being my generation’s music, I didn’t have the same relationship with the refrains as the rest of the audience. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. Immune to the tsunami of nostalgia washing over the room, I instead focused on the performance. As one group after another ebbed & flowed off the stage, I fixated on the individuals behind the instruments and the sounds they created, rather than using them as a vehicle khổng lồ travel back in time to a decade I never knew.

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Nitroplus Blasterz elicited a similar response from me. As a fighting trò chơi crossover that pulls together dozens of characters from obscure visual novels, manga, anime, và light novels, I went into the experience with little frame of reference for who the cast members were, despite that ostensibly being one of the key selling points. Even as a fan of Japanese pop culture, I can count on one hand familiar faces amidst the dozen-plus main fighters & twenty assist characters here. Unlike, say, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax or Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax, the roster in Nitroplus Blasterz wasn’t a big draw for me. If it was going to win me over, it would need to bởi so solely on its own merits — not on the backs of other things I was already predisposed lớn enjoying.

And it did just that. Nitroplus Blasterz is a first-rate fighting game, even if you don’t know Super Sonico from Adam.


The partner blitz attacks recall the arcana system from developer Examu’s Arcana Heart series, which allows players khổng lồ accent their character with different abilities & gives the game an added cấp độ of strategy. In my time online with the online mode(which, by the way, is fine — if a tad spartan), I noticed a pattern of opponents picking partners lớn counter one another, as the impacts their assist attacks provide can mean the difference between victory & defeat. I can imagine high-level competitors spending a lot of time working out which partners are best in particular spots and situations, offering an incredible amount of depth for those who seek it.

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In addition lớn that added level of complexity, Examu also left its mark on Nitroplus Blasterz by allowing Aino, one of the characters from its Arcana Heart series, to lớn join the roster as a DLC character along with Senran Kagura‘s Homura. While I haven’t spent as much time with them as the rest of the cast (they were not available pre-release), I’ve enjoyed the few matches I’ve been able khổng lồ use them in & could easily see one becoming one of my mains, along with Anna and Saber. Since both Aino và Homura are free for the first week following the game’s launch, that provides a little added incentive for interested parties khổng lồ pick the trò chơi up early.

While I’m certain some players will balk at the dearth of bonus features or collectibles, that sort of stuff (along with the visual novel-style “Another Story” mode) doesn’t really interest me. I’m more than nội dung with your standard arcade, score attack, network, và versus modes if the gameplay is solid — and it is. That’s where I derive my enjoyment from. & I appreciate added perks lượt thích cross-platform and cross-region play, so I can compete against players on PlayStation 3 và people from other countries.


Even though I still have no idea who most of these characters are, that didn’t over up mattering to me in the end. Nitroplus Blasterz is a fast, smooth, strategic, & generally entertaining fighting trò chơi that has found a happy medium between accessibility and depth. Provided a decent-sized community builds around the game, this is a fighter I could see myself enjoying for a long time lớn come.


Impressive efforts with a few noticeable problems holding them back. Won"t astound everyone, but is worth your time & cash.