Yoo ah in talks about former co


Song Joong Ki wearing 1 TO 10 series designed by Yoo Ah In và Studio Concrete during Hong Kong trip, April 2016

In the press conference of “Descendants of the Sun” finale, April 15, reporters kept asking Song Joong Ki about Yoo Ah In & linking them together several times, which is pretty special. At the moment, the two old friends are the top trkết thúc actors in Korea.

Here are some points where Joong Ki mentioned Yoo Ah In, translated by Admin M – Yoo Ah In International Fans Community 


In his interview, Song Joong Ki revealed his friendship with Yoo Ah In, which wasn’t publicly known yet.

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For a cthua trận colleague and a one-year older hyung (Song Joong Ki was born in 1985, Yoo Ah In 1986), Song Joong Ki treats Yoo Ah In like his dongsaeng.

Song Joong Ki explained that Yoo Ah In made a special appearance in the drama because he was his old friend too.

“When I was discharged from the army, I went drinking with Yoo Ah In first. He asked my advice about life in military service, và I just rubbed it in his face,” he laughed.

There were many talks about how the two actors intertwined after his drama broadcast, from “Descendants of The Sun” to lớn the film “Veteran”, directed by Ryu Seung Wan.

Yoo Ah In made a surprise appearance as a cynical ngân hàng clerk in “Descendants of the Sun” on April 13th, & made viewers laugh.

Song Joong Ki laughed và said, “Yoo Ah In looked so much lượt thích Jo Tae Oh. That’s how I felt when I saw hlặng. I’m really really grateful for his cameo.”

Jo Tae Oh, which Song mentioned, is a wicked young plutocrat character played by Yoo Ah In in the 2015 highest grossing movie “Veteran”.

“Veteran” was released in August last year while Song Joong Ki was still enlisting in the army.

Song Joong Ki said, “I saw ‘Veteran’ when I was taking a leave.”

Actually, before the film released, he had already known the story line. Song Joong Ki said, “Ah In sent me the ‘Veteran’ script as a parcel when I was in the army. I was so happy, because even just the script was fun to lớn read. Then I watched the movie, & I was surprised watching his acting as Jo Tae Oh. I couldn’t imagine that he did it so well. It was ridiculous.”

Either fate or a coincidence, Song Joong Ki will follow Yoo Ah In’s footstep by starring in director Ryu Seung Wan’s next film after ‘Veteran’; the ‘Battleship’.


Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki appeared together in the 2010 drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. At the time they were not “mainstream actors” lượt thích today but rookies. But now, the two young actors have become the representatives of the young stars.

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Song Joong Ki revealed that he và Yoo Ah In reunited with ‘Sungkyungkwan Scandal’ and ‘Signal’ director PD Kim Won Suk just recently. PD Klặng too, has become a successful TV series director with brilliant dramas. Both actors & director mô tả mutual feeling.

Song Joong Ki said, “Just recently Yoo Ah In and I had a drink with PD Kyên Won Suk. PD Kim especially felt really moved when he saw Yoo Ah In. We both were rookies and suffering a lot while starring in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. PD Kim told us, ‘I feel really touched looking at both of you now, because you all have come this far và become actors who finally received acknowledgment. I feel very proud"”.

The two actors might be cthua trận friends & nói qua their friendship only amuốn their inner circles, but there must be some competition between them too.

In the ‘Six Flying Dragons’ press conference last March, Yoo Ah In jokingly told the press, “I was asked 8 out of 10 questions about Song Joong Ki at an award ceremony last week.” here>

When Song Joong Ki was asked if he has heard about this, he answered, “I know (laughed)”. It seems they both have had a talk about it.

So, how does Song Joong Ki think about Yoo Ah In as an actor? He was somewhat sensitive sầu lớn that question.

Song Joong Ki carefully answered, “We are actors with different colors. As a matter of fact, Yoo Ah In is my driven force (motivation) as an actor. You might see both of us as having completely different type of acting, but we actually rely on each other as an actor.”

“Descendants of the Sun” PD Kyên Si Hyeong also revealed more story on the filming of Yoo Ah In’s cameo. Not only was it the most anticipated cameo, it also caused big attention at the shooting location.

On April 18, PD Kyên ổn Si Hyeong was guested on KBS live sầu mobile broadcast ‘Freshly TV’, & talked about Yoo Ah In’s special appearance in ‘Descendants of the Sun’.

PD Kim playfully said, that Yoo Ah In was “cast” in Song Hye Kyo’s birthday dinner.

“Yoo Ah In had a cameo casting while we were having Song Hye Kyo’s birthday các buổi party. Yoo Ah In came khổng lồ her birthday drinking tiệc nhỏ at the filming location. We were in good atmosphere. He said he wanted khổng lồ make a special appearance in the drama as his birthday present for Song Hye Kyo. So, I told him playfully, ‘vày the casting in front of the staff here’ (laughed). I’d never felt so good since I was young,” said PD Kyên ổn, which caused laughter in the interview.

PD Kim added, “The filming only took 30 minutes. Yoo Ah In paralyzed the ngân hàng. All the employees stopped working & went khổng lồ see hyên ổn. At that time Yoo Ah In was still filming ‘Six Flying Dragons’ too. He shot his scene in ‘Descendants of the Sun’ without an NG . He just asked the producer, “what should I do?”, & went on with it effortlessly.”

Excuse you, PD nyên. For an actor who is capable of finishing the long scenes in a single stroke, just like what he did in ‘Six Flying Dragons’, this 42 secs cameo is nothing