Ji Chang Wook wants lớn get married, doesn’t he?

Ji Chang Wook has just made an appearance in the wedding of his close friend, Choi Tae JoonA Pink‘s Bomi, in November 12 episode of MBC’s We Got Married.

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Different from other guests, Ji appeared as a mystery man, donning an elegant black suit. He had a mission to take the bride, Bomi, lớn the cathedral.

With an aim lớn keep it a secret, the actor hid his face with a đen helmet, which made Bomi misunderstand that he is her partner.

After the two arrived khổng lồ the cathedral, the heartthrob took off the helmet and revealed his identity. This totally surprised all the guests at the wedding.

He showed excitement after completing the mission and expressed his sense of humor, by saying: “It’s a pity because she’s not my wife.”

Ji also expressed enthusiasm by boasting his hidden nhảy đầm ability at the event.

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With funny yet lovely expression, he made all the guests laugh with applause for his performance.

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