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Korean drama Full House, starring song Hye Kyo & Rain, is one of the OG romantic-comedy series that viewers loved. The show captured the viewers" hearts to the extent that various renditions from different countries were made.

Still, the original remains special.

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It was 2004 when Kdrama Full Houseconcluded. It tells the story of the ever-chaotic relationship of a writer & a superstar, & their relationship trope became one of the story concepts that viewers admired.

17 years later, where are the original Full Housecast members now?


Professionally known as Rain, Jung Ji Hoon is now a faithful husband lớn My Princessactress Kim Tae Hee & a loving father lớn their children. Rain remains active in the entertainment industry, both in music và acting.


(Photo : Rain Instagram)

Kdrama Full Housebecame his big break as an actor. Afterwards, the singer-actor landed more projects, which helped him hone his skills.

Now, he is one of the respected artists in the industry, và considered a legend in K-pop.


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After Full House, Rain starred in A Love khổng lồ Kill, The Fugitive: Plan B, My Lovely Girl, Come Back Mister, Sketch, và Welcome 2 Life.


(Photo : Rain Instagram)

Two years after his latest series, Rain will make his much-awaited small screen comeback with Ghost Doctor. It filming production already began và is expected to premiere soon.

Rain is also busy producing music và discovering a new breed of talents to lớn become the next big thing.

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Song Hye Kyo

The ever-gorgeous và A-lister tuy nhiên Hye Kyo became popular for her writer role in Kdrama Full House. Since then, new doors opened for her & discovered her full potential as an actress.

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(Photo : song Hye Kyo"s Instagram)

Today, tuy vậy Hye Kyo is also one of the highest earning Kdrama actresses. She also represents an array of luxury brands like Sulwasoo and Fendi.

Other than Full House, song Hye Kyo other megahit Kdrama was the Descendants of the Sunwhere she met her then-husband tuy nhiên Joong Ki.


(Photo : tuy nhiên Hye Kyo"s Instagram)

As a brilliant actress that she is, song Hye Kyo also received a number of awards. Her latest drama was Encounterin 2019. This year, she will return with Now, We Are Breaking Up.

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Kim Sung Su

Viewers simped over Kim Sung Su"s charms in the megahit Kdrama Full House.

Aside from the lãng mạn series, Kim Sung Su tried a variety of drama & film genres, such as action, mystery, suspense, & comedy.

Kim Sung Su showed his potential as an actor through his previous series Lawyers, My Beloved Sisters, Cruel Love, Cutie Pie, Suspicious Family, My Love, Madame Butterfly, và Should We Kiss First.

Kim Sung Su just finished his mystery drama The Road: The Tragedy One, where he starred alongside Ji Jin Hee, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Hye Sun, & Ahn Nae Sang.

Han da Geum

Played the role of Kang Hye Won in Full House, Han da Geum also remained in the acting field. Her previous dramas are Cinderella Man, Golden Cross, Blade Man, Return, Let Me Introduce Her, Touch, and Graceful Friends.